There are an almost limitless number of ways in which you can approach the act of listening and use Minute of Listening with your class.  Some will require additional resources which you can find below, whilst for others all you will need is your imagination!

How Minute of Listening links with the new National Curriculum

 “The national curriculum for English reflects the importance of spoken language in pupils’ development across the whole curriculum – cognitively, socially and linguistically. Spoken language underpins the development of reading and writing….Teachers should therefore ensure the continual development of pupils’ confidence and competence in spoken language and listening skills.”

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Below we have provided you with some additional resources to get you started:

Sound Calendars

A printable calendar of all the recordings for every week of the Minute of Listening project.

Collection #1 (pdf)

Collection #2 (pdf)

Collection #3 (pdf

Sound Diaries (pdf, doc)

Download templates for 'sound diary' pages to capture responses to listening. These are based on templates made by teachers in the first trial, but can easily be adapted to suit your class! For KS1 & 2.

Sound Maps (pdf, doc)

Download a template for a sound mapping exercise in the classroom or around your school. For KS1 & 2.

From Sounds to Pictures (pdf)

Creative visual arts activities based on drawn responses to music and sound. From simple responses thinking about sounds as shapes or symbols, to the creation of graphic scores that can be performed by your class! Try using these activities with the 'Everyday Objects' sounds from the tags page. For KS1 & 2.

Sound Objects collection 1 (pdf)

Two creative sound-making activities combining Music, Design & Technology, Art and PHSE. Use recycled objects found around your school or at home to create homemade instruments. Then use your homemade instruments or objects found around your classroom to create a sound performance! You could use this activity as a progression of the Graphic Scores activity (above). Try using these activities with the 'Everyday Objects' sounds from the tags page. For KS1 & 2.

Sound & Place

A series of activities investigating field recordings and encouraging your class to explore their own sonic environments, as well as the site-specific recordings from Minute of Listening. Take a class Sound Walk, create a Sound Map of your school, or write Field Recording Stories! Try using these activities with the 'Field Recordings' from the tags page. For KS1 & 2.

Collection #1 (pdf)

Collection #2 (pdf)

Watery Words (pdf)

Poetry activities for KS1 & 2 - great for supporting literacy! Create haiku and concrete poetry inspired by Minute of Listening recordings relating to water. You can use these activities with 'Watery' sounds from the tags page. For KS1 & 2.

Listening Ideas

A range of ideas from Sound and Music and teachers who took part in our Norfolk trial and teacher training sessions. These include creative ways of leading investigative listening in the classroom and lots of ideas for approaching Minute of Listening with your class! If you have an idea of your own you would like to share, please contact us:

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