Looking for free music resources for your EYFS, KS1 or KS2 pupils?

Minute of Listening is a completely free online resource, designed to help you engage your class in reflective listening and creative thinking.

With over 200 minutes to explore, Minute of Listening gives you access to a huge range of music and sound from all kinds of contributors. Our collections are tailored to support the national curriculum, supported by bespoke teaching resources and prompts to help your class explore what they heard, thought and felt. Our library of sound spans from Björk to Beethoven and everything in between, and we’re adding new collections all the time.

Minute of Listening is easy to use too – you don’t need any existing musical knowledge. You can listen to minutes as part of a collection, explore by mood or curriculum subject, and even save your favourite minutes to come back to. For more tips to get you started, visit our How to use Minute of Listening page.

All our content is totally free to access; simply create a free account using the form below. We don’t ask for any payment details whatsoever, just some basic details about you and your school.

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