With Minute of Listening now free to all schools and home educators in the UK, Sound and Music is keen to support as many people as possible to use the platform and make the most of what it has to offer.
To support this aim, we are pleased to be able to offer a number of additional training projects to support schools, multi-academy trusts and music education hubs in developing their use of Minute of Listening, including:
  • Teacher development sessions
  • Practical workshops
  • Minute of Listening Live
You can find an overview of what we currently offer below. If you are interested in arranging a session for your school or local area, please contact us on education@soundandmusic.org for more information including costs and availability.

Introduction to Minute of Listening 

Offering an overview of the features of the platform, these quick-fire sessions entail listening to a couple of minutes, demonstrating to the group best navigation of the site and discussing practical ideas for using Minute of Listening in the classroom.

We can also be available at the end of the session to help anyone wanting to sign up, making sure they get set up and running on Minute of Listening.

Duration: 30 minutes

Cost: TBA in negotiation 

The Art of Listening 

These more in-depth sessions introduce beginners to Minute of Listening, as well as demonstrate some exercises around listening and creative ideas for using Minute of Listening in the classroom.

Duration: 1 hour session

Cost: TBA in negotiation 

Creating with Minute of Listening 

These practical workshops explore how Minute of Listening can be used as a resource for composing.

Delivered by experienced composer-educators, we can show you how to use selected minutes as starting points and inspiration for making your own classroom compositions. Sessions can explore a number of possibilities, such as:

  • Graphic scores
  • Composing with environmental sound
  • Using iPads to create music
  • Exploring the elements of music 

Duration: 1.5 to 3 hour session (with break if needed)

Cost: TBA in negotiation 

Minute of Listening Live 

Delivered over zoom, this is a chance for schools and their pupils to listen to selected minutes from Minute of Listening and meet the composers who created them.

Duration: Approximately 45 minutes

Cost: TBA in negotiation 

Bespoke content or collections for a group or music hub 

We can work with groups of schools or music education hubs to create their own collection of minutes. These could be made available just to the schools in your locality, or to everyone!

Duration: This is a project that would take place over several months or even terms

Cost: TBA in negotiation