With Minute of Listening now free to all schools and home educators in the UK, Sound and Music is keen to support as many people as possible to use the platform and make the most of what it has to offer. To support this aim, we are pleased to be able to offer a number of additional projects to support schools, multi-academy trusts and music education hubs in developing their use of Minute of Listening:
  • Teacher development sessions (over zoom or in person): from an overview of the features of the platform to a more in-depth session that includes practical, creative activity, we can support you in getting started with Minute of Listening
  • Practical workshops to explore how Minute of Listening can be used as a resource for composing: Delivered by experienced composer-educators, we can show you how to use selected minutes as starting points and inspiration for your own classroom compositions
  • Minute of Listening Live: Delivered over zoom, we introduce classes of children to selected minutes within the collections and the artists and composers who created them
If you are interested in arranging a session for your school or local area, please contact us on education@soundandmusic.org for more information including costs and availability.