Following the incredible results of making some content free throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re delighted to announce that Minute of Listening is now completely free to use for all parents and teachers across the UK.

After a large portion of content was made free at the start of the pandemic, the platform saw an exponential growth in users of 758%, to over 3000 schools and parents, testament to its value as a resource for use both at home and school. As a result, from this school year onwards Minute of Listening will be completely free to use, in order to continue widening access.

From 17th September 2021, new users can simply create a free account to access all of our content, while existing users (including former paid accounts) can access everything using their existing login details. So whether you’re brand new to Minute of Listening or have been with us for years, it couldn’t be easier to get exploring.

In short everything will stay the same, but now it’s free! By removing all financial barriers, it is our sincere hope we can ensure as many children, educators and curious listeners as possible are able to benefit from the resource.

Create a free account here

We hope you have a fantastic time listening – here’s a couple of great places to start:

To support our users, we’re also offering a number of workshops and development sessions to support schools, multi-academy trusts and music education hubs’ use of Minute of Listening. Please contact us if you are interested in arranging a session.