This activity has been suggested by composer and educator Liz Dobson, who thought it would be interesting to find out what you can hear from your house during the Covid-19 lockdown. A the bottom of this page you can find an exercise, followed by a challenge!

Follow the instructions on the learning resource below to listen to the sounds you can hear from your garden or through the window. What can you hear? And can you make a score of the sounds?

You could listen to one of the following free minutes from Minute of Listening and do the same activity if you prefer.

Hello Cockatoo

Sounds of a flyover in Hull

Field recording of Clifton Bridge in Bristol

The sound of the River Frome

You can also hear Liz’s own recording from a woodland in Huddersfield here.

It would be amazing to see your Covid Sound Score so please share it using #CovidSoundScore and #MyMinuteOfListening!

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5 - 11
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60 minutes
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