This year, Sound and Music are partnering with THAMES education to deliver a new Go Compose a Minute project!

This project will provide in-school musical workshops from composer Cassie Gurling in six THAMES primary schools that will explore how to compose minute long pieces of music and write it down using drawn graphic scores. Cassie will then provide follow up support for teachers to help them embed composition in their lessons.

Go Compose a Minute represents an exciting opportunity for children to develop their creative, listening and teamwork skills and support for teachers that will ensure their classroom is able to take the exciting possibilities of composition into the rest of the year.

Cassie kicked off our Go Compose a Minute project in November with a special CPD session for interested primary school teachers, leading them in composition and graphic notation exercises that gave everyone a chance to be a part of a unique music-making experience. Cassie will continue her work with the project later this month with the first of the workshops in schools, starting the process that will lead every classroom to having their own piece to perform!  

The project will culminate in a sharing concert with all the primary schools where we will hear the work of the students and celebrate their achievements, due to take place at the end of the school year. This sharing concert will be recorded, with all the school’s pieces being shared in a special collection on Minute of Listening, giving other young people and their teachers the chance to hear the music composed in Tower Hamlets classrooms to inspire their own class projects and compositions! 

With Minute of Listening now free to all schools and home educators in the UK, we’re keen to support as many people as possible to make the most of what the resource to offer.

If you’re interested in arranging CPD projects for your school or local area, explore our options here or contact us for more information including costs and availability.