The Duval Project was born in Bristol, a city famous for fusion of musical styles. It’s a city bred on jazz, soul, funk, hip-hop, drum and bass and all these styles have shaped the band into what it is today. A music that fuses jazz with neo-soul, a music that has a heart beat and a passion.

“When i was younger, Bristol was the place to be, it was all going on, it was interesting. A massive influence on me. Early soul and jazz music has a heart to it, a groove. This is what Duval is all about.”

The Duval Project is an honest, unpretentious band that grew out of the Bristol music scene. it features the ridiculously talented and in demand rhythm section of Richie Blake (bass), Miguel Andrews (drums) Andy Nowak (keys) and Dan Waldman (Guitar). They ‘lock in’ like no other UK section.

The final part of their story came when Gary met Marie Lister. “I had been looking for a singer that would not only compliment the band but also bring something new to the table. “Marie’s influences are unbelievable! Led Zeppelin, Frank Zappa, Ella Fitzgerald…she laps it all up and inspires us all to play at our best…”

When it comes to inspiration, this band eat it up and spit it out as something fresh and new. “It could be the smallest thing from any track, a sound, a groove, a chord…” Gary’s love of jazz and soul ,having played with Raphael Saadiq and Lynden David Hall, Richie’s love of funk. Andy’s side-line trio project. Marie’s many other projects including afro-beat and dance music. Their love of soundtracks. Jill Scott, D’angelo, Jose James….anything and everything. Music from now, music from then.

What really marks the Duval Project out is their attitude. “Alot of improvised music can be all about technique nowadays,” says Gary. “It’s boring, there’s no soul, no groove, no pocket…nobody’s having fun with it anymore. We take our music seriously, obviously, but we want to have fun with it too otherwise what’s the point.”

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