Starting with a story written as part of an English unit, students from The Clara Grant Primary School created a graphic score. Having been learned as a spoken word piece, the story provided the class with a map from which to start their adventure.

Adapting writing into a graphic score comprised a number of classroom sessions. Firstly, students were introduced to the concept of graphic scores. Next, they worked in groups to create the sound of a volcano erupting, as this formed the central motif of their story. Using classroom objects at this stage, students created sounds for before, during and after the eruption, tying in with the existing narrative. This session ended with students starting their own graphic scores.

These scores informed the next session, wherein each group played a different part of the score. Traditional instruments were introduced at this stage, with students asked for input on what sounds worked well for different elements of the graphic score. Some children made instruments at home and brought them in for the final recording.

The final two sessions were focused around performance, bringing the two classes together to fine tune the piece, practice and share final ideas.

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