Sound and Music is the national charity for new music in the UK. Its guiding mission is to maximise the opportunities for people to create and enjoy new music. It is the organisation behind Minute of Listening.

Sound and Music champions new music and the work of British composers and artists, promoting and supporting contemporary music, sound art and experimental music and seek to ensure that they are at the heart of cultural life and enjoyed by many.

Sound and Music’s work includes composer and artist development, partnerships with a range of organisations, audience development, touring, information and advice, network building, and education.

Sound and Music is funded by Arts Council England and is involved in projects throughout the UK.
Sound and Music believes that everybody has the right to be creative, both in creating their own music and in listening to a wide range of music and sound.

Its work in education includes an annual residential Summer School for composers aged 14-18, CPD for teachers (the Listen Imagine Compose project) seeking to develop their skills in how composing is taught and learnt at secondary school, as well as Minute of Listening itself.

Fun Fact

Sound and Music holds many of its most important meetings in a cupboard.

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