Simon Thacker is a guitar soloist, composer and ensemble leader.

Simon Thacker first came to prominence as a classical guitar soloist before becoming firmly established as one of Europe’s most accomplished cross-cultural musical voices.

He has performed in the USA, India, New Zealand, Spain, Bangladesh, France, Pakistan, Malta, Cuba and Belgium.

His group Svara-Kanti, a world leading Indo-Western collective who passionately embrace intercultural collaboration and innovation, have toured and premiered new work at major festivals in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, most recently for an audience of 60,000 in Dhaka. Svara-Kanti’s 2013 debut album Rakshasa was hailed as one of the most important intercultural releases for a generation in over fifty reviews around the world. Depending on the performance situation, the line up of formidable acoustic musicians is variable. There are currently two main lineups: a quintet of guitar, singer, violin, cello and tabla, and trio of Baul singer/khomok, guitar and tabla.

Simon is also the leader and composer of his musical laboratory Ritmata, featuring three of Europe’s finest jazz/world musicians and is in a duo with Polish cellist Justyna Jablonska.

His instrumental music draws on the Hindustani and Carnatic classical systems, building on the expression of classical Indian systems to create an infinite emotional fluidity. At a time when global influences are commonplace, he stands apart for having won widespread acceptance and acclaim for his reimaginings in their heartlands, as well as for his startlingly original new work. His instinctive, layered and ferocious, rhythmic playing gives his music an unmistakeable intensity.

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