Room40 Records, set up in 2000 by the composer, artist and curator Lawrence English, is an Australian experimental label based in Brisbane.
Room40 Records is very much a friends and family oriented concern, and Lawrence maintains a strong relationship with all the artists on the roster. He has a deep affinity with all the music they produce and considers them to be the life-blood of the project. As such the artists who work with Room 40 do so without any formal contract and are free to work with any other artists or labels they choose.

The label includes work by DJ Olive, Richard Chartier and Scanner.
Room40 Records promotes the work of artists across the globe whose music lingers, that allows the audience to transcend the moment of listening.

A strong object-oriented sense pervades the label with a deep rejection of the unsatisfying feel of jewel cases, cheap CDs and LPs. They established a strong design aesthetic early on with the help of designer Steve Alexander, who forged a monochrome and tactile approach to their packaging.

Fun Fact
According to Lawrence the hardest thing about running a record label is staying on top of emails.

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