Oscillatorial Binnage consists of Fari Bradley, Toby Clarkson, Christoper J. Weaver and Daniel Wilson. Oscillatorial Binnage’s albums are completely acoustic. No electronic processing is used and the band produces sounds by subjecting objects to electro-magnetic force fields; The “infinite world of the real, ”as the band calls it.

Experimenting with found & custom-made electro-acoustic objects offer up possibilities far less predictable than those found in technology and these spontaneous sounds and live manipulations give a sensation of controlled chaos to the band.

Techniques usually associated with electronic music, such as modulation, wave-shaping, compression and filtering, are applied to acoustic physical systems via banks of prods, cranks, levers, gears, and jacks. A guiding principle of the band’s wider philosophy is that the feedback loop between artist and object is both dynamic and self-shaping. Reactions to these prompts from diverse materials such as industrial springs, clamps, woks, rods, hand-held brass bells, earthenware, dry leaves, stones, pitchforks, feathers, paper, plastic receptacles, lamp-post doors, wicker baskets, grilles, bottles, barrels, and much more give live performances a huge sense of wonder and surprises (in a nice way)!

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