Mohammad Hussain Sarahang was born in a very musical neighborhood in Kabul, Afghanistan. He was a practitioner of both Indian and Afghan classical music, specialising in Tarana, Khayal Ghazal and Thumri.  

After being home schooled by his father, he travelled to India to further his studies. After living and studying there for many years, he moved back to Afghanistan to make music that mixed both Indian and Afghani musical traditions he was trained it. 

Interesting fact: Indian classical music has had a place in Afghanistan for centuries. In the 1860s, classical musicians from India were invited to play at the court in Kabul. The Kharabat musical area of the old city, where Mohammed was born, historically was given to Hindustani classical musicians to stay in. 

Many of these musicians remained, and became ‘Ustaads’. Ustaad’ is the honorourific title for teacher, master and expert. The presence of Indian classical music within Afghan traditions shows how music has always travelled across borders. 

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