Mikhail Iliatov, born in Russia, is a versatile and multidisciplinary creative artist with a varied practice including typography, book design, photography, illustration, art direction, field recordings, video art, sound installations, interactive art and creative programming.

Educated in biology and typographic design, Mikhail Iliatov currently lives in Brooklyn, New York and works as senior designer for That’s Nice LLC.

He has taught art classes and workshops for children at Abrons Art Center in Manhattan and NARS Foundation in Brooklyn.

His work has been exhibited at the Stedelijk Museum, Soapbox Gallery, the NARS Foundation, and 106 Green.

As a practicing artist, Mikhail Iliatov has focused on creating interactive installations using animation, video, photography, sound, custom-built electronics and open-source programming.

He takes field recordings of places that are emotionally significant to him and then rearranges and reconstructs the audio documentation. He searches for sonic qualities that are able to characterize histories, emotions, and dimensionality in a way that visual representation is thought to. The resulting sound works often demand a great deal of time from the listener.

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