Founded in 2001 by Curtis Knapp and Adrian Orange in Portland, Oregon. Marriage is a label dedicated to releasing works from artists around the world.

The label has released a number of albums by musicians such as Adam Forkner, Dirty Projectors, Little Wings, Lucky Dragons, Tune-Yards, Yacht, and Karl Blau. Artists on the label frequently collaborate and swap members.

As well as music, Marriage sells tapes, skateboards, books, posters and apparel.

The label created the imprint Marriage Publishing House (MPH) in March 2003, which publishes experimental literature such as Tom Blood’s poetry book The Sky Position, which won the 2007 Stafford/Hall award for poetry from Literary Arts Inc.’s Oregon Book Awards.

Fun Fact

The name Marriage records represents the deep love and friendship that the two co-founders have for each other

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