Marc Savoy is an American accordion player and instrument builder born and bred in Eustice, Louisiana. He began playing at the age of 12, and comes from a family of traditional Cajun folk musicians. In 1966, he set up the Savoy Music Center to design and build Acadian (Cajun) accordions with the luthier Tina Pilione. He also plays in numerous bands, including the Savoy-Doucet band with multi-instrumentalist Michel Doucet, and the Savoy Family Band with his wife Ann, and their sons Joel and Wilson. In 1992 he was awarded a National Heritage Fellowship by the USA’s National Endowment for the Arts, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the preservation of the Cajun folk music tradition.

In this recording of the Osson Two-Step, Marc Savoy is joined by Milton Mélançon on fiddle, Lurline Lejeune on guitar and Adausas Thibodeaux on triangle.

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