Light of the World were formed in 1978 in London. They took their name from a 1974 Kool and the Gang album called Light of the Worlds. The band went on to become part of a new scene known as Brit-funk. They are also sometimes referred to as a jazz-funk band, which links them to their musical influences in the USA, such as Kool and the Gang.

Light of the World’s use of a mix of electrified sounds, traditional instruments and new synthesiser technology gave them more scope to improvise as part of their performances. They performed extensively on the UK circuit in the years leading up to 1979, when they were signed to Ensign records. They continued to tour through 1980, splitting up for the first time in 1981. Multiple reunions and splits followed, often with new members coming into the band. 

They are remembered as pioneers of the Brit funk sound, alongside other groups, such as Hi-Tension. The genre had wide appeal, securing lots of radio air-time thanks to discussing lighter topics than other genres, such as reggae or two-tone. Although Brit-funk was not as outwardly concerned with politics or identity, musicians within the genre possessed a quiet dedication to reducing racial boundaries in the club scene by promoting collaboration between musicians from different backgrounds.

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