Lee Patterson, based in Prestwich near Manchester, is a cross-disciplinary artist primarily working with sound.

Lee Patterson has been commissioned by, amongst others, the 41st International Film Festival Rotterdam 2012, the 25th MIMI Festival in Marseille, and AV10 in Newcastle.

His collaboration with artist film maker Luke Fowler (A Grammar for Listening Pt 1) featured in The British Art Show 2010.

His solo and collaborative works have featured in various exhibitions and festivals, as well as on UK TV, BBC Radios 3 and 4, Resonance FM and on radio stations worldwide.

Primarily concerned with the sound of things, Patterson attempts to understand his surroundings and create work through improvised music, field and sound recording as a method to educate perception, film soundtrack and installation.

His field recording explores the range of perception from macro to micro sonic, exposing unheard, subliminal and hidden sounds.

He aims to create a transformation within the listener themselves, leading to a shifting, flexible understanding of the processes at play within the world. This unorthodox approach to generating sound has led to collaborations with a host of international artists and musicians.

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