Lawrence Shove was a British sound recordist, specialising in field recordings of wildlife.

Shove was one of the first contributors to the National Sound Archive’s wildlife collection. Their wildlife recording number 00001 is his 1966 recording of a Eurasian bittern at Hickling Broad, in Norfolk. The “Shove collection of British wildlife” at the National Sound Archive (NSA), part of the British Library, comprises 243 reels of his recordings on magnetic tape, most of which the NSA has put online.

In 1968, he was described by the BBC as “the only full-time freelance recordist of wildlife sounds in Britain”. He was the subject of a BBC television ‘The World About Us’ episode, screened on 9 April 1972 and appeared on several other BBC television and radio programmes in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

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