Hi-Tension was formed in London in 1971 as Hot Waxx. In 1978 the group changed their name to Hi-Tension, which has stood the test of time. They are seen as trailblazers of the ‘Brit funk’ genre, which gained popularity in the South-East corner of the UK before going mainstream. 

The blending of various styles, from funk, jazz, pop and even punk, gave Brit funk a broad appeal, and the lighter themes discussed ensured more radio air-play. Although Brit funk was not as outwardly concerned with politics or identity, musicians within the genre possessed a quiet dedication to reducing racial boundaries in the club scene by promoting collaboration between musicians from different backgrounds.

Dance clubs were extremely popular in the late 1970s into the 1980s, and ‘British Hustle’ followed in the footsteps of other songs, such as ‘Do The Hustle’ and ‘L.A. Bus Stop Hustle’ by American recording artists. The Hustle became popular as a line dance and is still performed in clubs all over the world. 

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