Faiyaz Khan was an Indian classical vocalist. Until the age of 25, he was taught music by his grandfather, Ghulam Abbas.  Faiyaz was famous for his ability to sing khayals – it was his specialism! He was born two centuries ago in 1886so the recording of him singing is an old one.  

We’re lucky to have old recordings like this. It enables us to listen to a small glimpse of history! Unlike the modern recording studios we see today, it is likely that this recording took place in a simple setting, such as the home or space of music enthusiast.  

Interesting Fact: During the Gujarat communal riots that took place in 2002, the tomb of Faiyyaz Khan was damaged by anti-Muslim mobs. However, in the years that followed, students and teachers of music in India restored the tomb. Today, it is visited by many music students and fans of Faiyaz! 

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