DJ Luck, otherwise known as Joel Samuels, and MC Neat, otherwise known as Micheal Rose, met in London in 1995.

During the 1990s and 2000s a group of new underground genres were born out of experiments with house and jungle music. Sped up tracks became very popular in dance clubs, spawning the genre of speed garage. 

What would come to be known as UK garage found a home on pirate radio stations, such as Kool London, Chicago FM and Street FM. A pirate radio station is one that does not have a license to broadcast music. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding pirate radio transmissions since their inception in the 1960s. They often garner a cult following, but run the risk of being hit with large fines and closures if they are caught breaking the law.

However, high levels of radio air-time led to chart successes, with DJ Luck and MC Neat reaching the top ten of the UK chart three times between 1999 and 2000. They are seen as one of the most influential UK garage acts of all time, having been awarded the coveted MOBO Award for Best UK Garage Act in 2000. The duo still perform to this day, under the stripped down title of Luck & Neat. They continue to inspire new musicians and their influence can be felt in more recent genres, such as grime and trap.

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