Established in 2003, Die Schachtel is a record label/publishing house specialising in electronic, concrete, avant-garde music, sound poetry and artists’ records.

The aim of Die Schachtel is to publish both archival and unreleased material from the most interesting (and often unknown) names of the electronic avant-garde music and sound art scene from 1960-1980.
Die Schachtel’s work is focused on artistic pioneers, particularly in Italy, who seldom had the chance to publish their own work and therefore aren’t widely known. Die Schachtel seeks therefore to create a link between these pioneers and a new generation of experimental musicians, who may never have been aware of the extraordinary musical and creative heritage left by great musicians like Pietro Grossi and Enore Zaffiri.

Each of the labels releases are limited to between 300-500 copies, and are produced to the highest quality with comprehensive information about the artists.

Die Schachtel is also an independent and not-for-profit art gallery. Across all of its work, it is devoted to Sound as both an art form, and as a platform for critical discourse.

Fun Fact

Die Schachtel prides itself on the fact that its mailorder site offers for sale ‘those weird records and CDs you have only read about never seen’.

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