The Daphne Oram Trust exists to advance, improve, develop and maintain public education in and appreciation of the art of electronic music and the pioneering work of composer and sound artist Daphne Oram (1925-2003).

Daphne Oram’s archive was passed into the care of the artist Hugh Davies, who knew her and her work better than anyone else. The Sonic Arts Network, one of Sound and Music’s founder organisations, became custodians following Hugh’s death in 2005. A collaboration with Goldsmiths College means that her archive is now housed there, allowing greater access to her collection by musicians and researchers.

The Daphne Oram Trust focuses on providing support for education and training within arts, culture and science, and has acted as a funder for events such as NIME – a conference dedicated to scientific research on the development of new technologies for musical expression and artistic performance. It also supports research into the work of Daphne Oram, and funds performances and recordings of electronic music relating to her concept of graphic sound production.

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