Cameron Balloons Ltd. Bristol are the world’s most popular, most experienced and largest manufacturer of hot-air balloons.
Cameron Balloons manufacture hot-air balloons; passenger-ride balloons, special-shape balloons, advertising balloons, balloons for individuals, long-distance hydrogen or helium gas balloons, hot-air airships and helium-filled blimps. Cameron-built balloon innovations have enabled the us and the international ballooning community to break many world records and have also increased safety, encouraging enjoyment of our lighter-than-air sport.

Cameron Balloons are fabric structure engineers, building all types of fabric and inflatable structures; everything from items for use in hospitals (patient moving sheets and trolley covers) to inflated structures for trapeze-artist shows over stadium crowds, to international art projects.

Cameron Balloons uses aeronautical, mechanical engineering skills, fabric technology and innovative and bespoke equipment with amazingly skilled and experienced staff.

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