Anna Homler is a vocal, audiovisual performance artist who mixes synthesis, spoken word and various media in order to explore meaning and modes of communication. As well as developing alternative languages and communication techniques she is also interested in the poetics of ordinary things. Anna did an M.A. in Education and Languages that has fuelled her fascination with melodic language, toys and everyday objects.

Homler began ‘an ongoing installation and performance project exploring the tonal and symbolic properties of words and objects’ and ‘demonstrates how the literal becomes the lyrical and in doing so, cures’. A collection of glass bottles houses many commonplace objects that are suspended in liquid in order to expose their hidden beauty.

With a career spanning almost 40 years, Anna has released over 10 albums, a mixture of solo and collaborative efforts including the album with Steve Moshier titled ‘Breadwoman’ that features the Minute ‘Ee Che’, originally released on cassette in 1985 but reissued by RVNG Intl. in 2016. Throughout the album Anna Homler recites a series of incantations in an ancient language, devised herself, accompanied by the synth work of Steve Moshier.

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