These minutes are all about food and drink!

In the last 1000 years there have been lots of changes to people’s diets in Britain!

The Anglo-Saxons enjoyed big feasts with ale and mead (a kind of beer made sweet with honey). Anglo-Saxons were excellent farmers and grew lots of herbs to flavour their food.

The Anglo-Saxons never ate chips! This is because potatoes didn’t arrive in Britain until 1586, when Sir Walter Raleigh’s expedition brought them back from America.

The Norman invasion in 1066 brought lots of changes to the food people ate. They brought new words for foods, such as mutton (mouton) and beef (boeuf).

As trade and travel increased over time, new foods became available like tea from India and cocoa from South America.

Can you can hear what people are eating and drinking in these minutes? Where do you think these foods and drinks come from? Are they similar to what you eat or different?