You are listening to these minutes because of electricity! Can you imagine what life was like before electricity?

People in the past didn’t have the everyday technology we take for granted, such as light bulbs, televisions and computers.

In Victorian Britain, many people used candles, kerosene lamps and fireplaces to light their homes. They also had to salt and smoke their food to make it last longer, as there were no fridges to keep food fresh.

The history of electricity involves many important inventors. In 1752, Benjamin Franklin carried out an experiment with a kite during a thunderstorm. He used a metal key tied to the kite to conduct the electricity. In 1879, Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb, which had a huge impact on people’s homes and everyday lives!

Listen to these minutes and think about how electricity has been used to make them. Can you hear the lightbulb in Hull 1 #31?