This collection marks the start of a new partnership between Sound of the Year Awards and Minute of Listening. In this first iteration of the partnership, we are​ inviting classes of children to imitate—using their voices, bodies, and materials around them—one of the minutes featured in this collection!

This collection consists of three minutes of sounds, which are all recordings made underwater by the artist Jana Winderen, and will act as an inspiration to children’s soundscapes. Once the class has finished listening to the minutes and answering the questions on the Minute of Listening website, they are invited to create their own ‘underwater soundscape’!

To create the underwater soundscapes, children can use their voices, bodies or other materials available in the classroom. Once the children are ready, the teachers can record one minute of their soundscape on their mobile phones or other sound recording devices and submit to Sound of the Year Awards. Technical instructions for how to do this and how to submit are below.

Recording your class’ soundscape:

The easiest way to do this is on a mobile phone, but if you have a portable audio recorder like a Zoom device or similar then you can use that too. If using a mobile phone:

Android phone: Use the built in ‘Voice Recorder’ app
iPhone: Use the built in ‘Voice Memos’ app

Record the class making their soundscape for 1 minute.

Save the recording to your devices ‘Files’ folder and follow this link to the submissions page.

After completing the required information on the submission form, click on ‘Add File’ underneath ‘Upload your class soundscape recording’. You should then be able to select your recording from your ‘Files’ folder which will attach it to the submission.

All submitted soundscapes will feature in a special listening gallery on the Sound Of The Year Awards website.

For any technical questions, please email: