We think Minute of Listening is great, and we would love every child in the UK to have the opportunity to listen creatively every day.

But don’t just take our word for it…

Hear what teachers had to say about Minute of Listening.

“I use Minute of Listening as a starter to my music lessons because listening and appraising is a huge part of the national curriculum for music. It fits perfectly and enables the children to actively listen, to talk about what they’re hearing, to use the vocabulary associated with the music. They really enjoy it and it exposes them to a whole range of music that we wouldn’t otherwise expose them to.” – Natalie Morris, Year 3 teacher – Bricknell Primary School, Hull

“Minute of Listening has broadened the children’s experience of sound and music. It has developed their interest and inspired dance and music-making activities. It has introduced many unfamiliar sounds and instruments. It has given them the opportunity to talk about the unfamiliar, share their views and ideas.”– Primary Teacher, pilot project

“I can see how Minute of Listening can be used in other ways; it can be used in lesson support because the sounds are so varied, so if you were doing a geography topic or a particular book in literacy, you might be able to have a sound that links with that. It’s a way of firing their imaginations.” – Alex Richardson, Science Co-ordinator – Bude Park Primary School, Hull

“Great resource – children really enjoyed it!” – Primary Teacher, pilot project