Creating Music in Classroom using Graphic Scores is a collection produced in collaboration with London Metropolitan Archives. This collection brings together 5 minutes, which were a result of exercises recorded for the education pack ‘Creating Music in Class’, produced by the Inner London Education Authority (ILEA) Music Inspectorate in 1976. In 2021, schools in Tower Hamlets were invited to create their own graphic scores inspired by the original ILEA materials. Three schools – Clara Grant Primary School, Seven Mills Primary School and Stepney Park Primary School – took part with support from Sound and Music, London Metropolitan Archives and Tower Hamlets Arts & Music Education Service. Their minutes can be heard at the end of the collection (number 6-8).

The original ILEA pack was intended to introduce pupils to basic musical concepts, acting as a framework for aural and practical activities. Each topic is split into two sections; the first part of the exercises require pupils to respond to a mixture of electronic and conventional sounds, to acquire an aural grasp of the concept, while the second part of the exercises involve more practical elements of performing, creating and listening.

The 1976 project was prepared by John Hosier, Staff Inspector for Music at ILEA, and inspectors Audrey Dennett and Hamish Preston. The electronic material was devised and performed by the music staff of the Cockpit Theatre, and there are performances from the Cockpit Ensemble and the pupils of Pimlico School and Honor Oak School (the latter accompanied by Max Reeder). John Baker was audio producer and editor. Check out the original resources for the project and some of our 2021 pupils’ responses to the exercises below.

Listen to the incredible work of pupils past and present in our Graphic Scores Collection


ILEA Sound Map, 1976. Image courtesy of London Metropolitan Archives
Sound map from Seven Mills Primary School
Graphic Score from Stepney Park Primary School
Graphic Score from Clara Grant Primary School