If you’re already looking ahead to the new year and hoping for new teaching resources, then we have exciting news coming in early 2021!

We’re thrilled to announce we’re currently working on a brand new Minute of Listening collection focused on classical music from South Asia through time, set for release in January next year. This is a new area of music for us, and we’re really looking forward to discovering a rich new tapestry of sound and music with you all.

Exploring this genre through a new lens, our collection will span from traditional to fusion and everything in between, showcasing the variety of sound encompassed by classical music of South Asia. The collection is currently being curated by our Education Intern and resident connoisseur Sasha Patel, who is pulling together great contributions from the likes of Ali Akbar Khan, Anoushka Shankar and Karaichi Community Radio.

This content will be available to all users, including those who joined us with a free account during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Have a great Christmas break, and we look forward to uncovering an exciting new world of sound with you in the new year!