The Sound of the Year Awards are a celebration of everyday sound in all its forms. They aim to recognise the work of the international community of sound professionals while highlighting the importance of listening and healthy sonic environments more broadly.  

This year’s participants come from the north of England, London and northern Italy. Pupils used an imaginative mixture of musical instruments, household items and objects from nature to produce these minutes. 

As part of these awards, schools were invited to submit a sound made in response to the work of Norwegian Sound Artist Jana Winderen. Her work focusses on recording in oceans and other underwater environments using a hydrophone. The compositions she makes from these sounds are then often paired with video installations to bring the sounds of the deep to dry land in engaging audio-visual ways.

Here are some quotations from students gathered while they participated in the project: 

  • “While I was listening I closed my eyes and heard a dolphin, maybe a whale…” Pupil from Scuole Comunali Infanzia Salvador Allende 
  • “It was interesting how the materials could be used to make underwater sounds.” Pupil from Cornholme Junior School 
  • “That sounds like burping sardines!” Pupil from Heathbrook Primary School

Explore the collection here to hear what they created and explore our resources!