We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Austrailian children’s radio station, Kinderling, who will be broadcasting a new Minute of Listening inspired series to digital audiences across the country.

The award-winning digital radio station has created a series of episodes using sounds from Sound and Music’s primary education software “to inspire little ones to ‘creatively listen’ with short sonic adventures they’ll love.”

Evan Kaldor, Managing Director of Kinderling Kids Radio, commented:

Kinderling Kids Radio seeks to spark imagination in children through creative listening. Minute of Listening is a fabulous example – an audio puzzle that has been proven to stimulate children’s curiosity in sound, their vocabulary to describe it and an ability to focus for a concentrated period of time. We hope parents, carers and educators will use Minute of Listening as way of sharing the wonder of sound. This is Kinderling’s first major educational content and we look forward to announcing more educational initiatives in early 2017.

Judith Robinson, Creative Project Leader for Education, commented:

I am delighted that Sound and Music is working with Australian children’s radio station Kinderling on Minute of Listening. Sound and Music and Kinderling share the mission of encouraging creative listening and firing the imaginations of children.  What better way than to use the medium of radio to present the eclectic range of music and sounds that are at the heart of Minute of Listening with a young audience, their parents, carers and educators?

To find out more about the project visit >> https://www.kinderling.com.au/news/hear-our-new-minute-of-listening-audio-series