Enjoy Minute of Listening for free at home throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Here at Sound and Music, we want to support all of those who suddenly find themselves home-educating their children. To support parents and teachers through this challenging time, we’re releasing additional content free of charge during the coronavirus emergency.

You can now freely explore exciting sounds and teaching resources from our Celebrating Musical Role Models and Free Trial collections, plus a bespoke Bristol collection and Hull collections which their Music Hubs have kindly agreed to share. In May, we’ve also published a brand new curated collection of 60 minutes, which we’ll also be free throughout COVID-19.

Using a minute every day, you can give children at home regular listening and appraisal activities, learn through discovery and establish a sense of routine. We hope this will allow as many children as possible to get a minute of creative listening every day and escape the confines of isolation through sound.

To access this content, simply create a free trial account if you don’t already have one, and then start listening here!