“If trees could sing, what do you think they’d sound like?”

This month, we’re absolutely thrilled to share with you all the first two minutes from our brand new TREE Collection! Curated by composer and sound artist Duncan Chapman, the collection will bring together field recordings of the hidden sounds of trees, plus pieces of music created by primary school children from Bristol and Birmingham.

Over the coming weeks, you can watch our sapling collection grow into a blossoming evergreen, as we release another of Duncan’s recordings each week. Then in September, we’ll get to hear what the primary school children were inspired to make in response!

This collection forms part of a new project run in collaboration with Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, who have created a selection of free resources exploring how children can compose music, words and visual art inspired by trees.

Start listening to the collection here, and enjoy revisiting as it grows from a single minute into a forest of amazing sounds!