Working Together

Minute of Listening has been developed by Sound and Music with the support and collaboration of local delivery partners including local music hubs, sound partners and individual artists and composers.

We would like to say a big thank you to all our partners listed below.

Thank you!

Education Partners

Derbyshire Music Education Hub

For more info visit:

Bristol Plays Music (BPM) 

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Oxford Contemporary Music (OCM) 

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Music Cornwall 

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TheTri-Borough Music Hub

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Norfolk & Norwich Festival 

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London Connected Learning Centre 

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Enfield Music Service 

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Sound Partners  

We would also like to thank all the collections, museums, archives, record labels and individual artists who have enthusiastically contributed their recordings to Minute of Listening.

The Pitt Rivers Museum

British Library Sounds Archive

Topic Records

Touch Records 

The Daphne Oram Trust

The Philharmonia Orchestra

English Folk Dance and Song Society

London Sound Survey

NMC Recordings

Accidental Records

Smithsonian Folkways

Composers & Artists 

Poppy Ackroyd; Another Timbre; Charlie Barker; Antoine Bertin; Matthew Bourne; John Chantler; Duncan Chapman; Seán Clancy; BJ Cole; Osvaldo Coluccino;  Marcus Davidson; Anna Disley-Simpson with Juice Vocal Ensemble; Katie  English; Lawrence English; Felicity Ford; Nick Franglen; Tom Green; Helena Gough; Antye Greie; Mick Grierson; Charlotte Harding; Mike Harding; Chihei Hatakeyama; Lauren Hayes;  Jim Haynes, RK Faulhaber, MS Waldron, Steven Stapleton & Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson; Matthew Herbert;.Bernard Hughes; Mikhail Iliatov; Robert Jarvis; Philip Jeck; Brahim Kerkour; Shelly Knotts;  Aleks Kolkowski; Lucky Dragons; Rhodri Marsden; Pippa Murphy and children from Coldingham and Eyemouth Primary Schools; Hugh Nankivell; Tujiko Noriko; Lee Patterson; Ed Perkins; Arran Poole; Ian Rawes; John Russell; James Saunders; Scanner; Barney Strachan; Simon Thacker; The Helen Scarsdale Agency; Jobina Tinnemans; Jennifer Walshe; Chris Watson; Jana Winderen; Joseph Young.

Collaborate With Us 

We are always interested to hear from people who would like to collaborate with us on Minute of Listening, such as the creation of new sound packs or distribution. 

If you have an idea please contact us at