About this minute

Our Westchester Pizzeria Is A Huge Success
Daniel Wilson
Collection 4

GRC4 #3

This minute is by Daniel Wilson, an experimental composer and instrument builder. For this piece, he used his alias, Radionics Radio.

Radionics is a system of alternative medicine based on the belief that thoughts can be represented as frequencies. A frequency is the building block of pitched sounds (how high or low a sound is). Radionics practitioners also believe that frequencies can be used to heal the body. In this sense, sound and music can be seen as a type of medicine. Can you think of a time when music made you feel better perhaps when you were feeling sad or poorly?

Daniel created a whole album of music that he created by converting the thoughts and ideas submitted by people into musical compositions. In the minute you have just heard, Daniel used the thought-frequency of an owner of a pizzeria in Westchester in the USA. Do you think the feeling of the minute matches the thought that his pizzeria was a huge success?

Think of an idea or feeling, keep it in your head, what do you think it would sound like?