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The Straloch Rock
Barney Strachan and the pupils of Straloch Primary School
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Sample #3

You heard the sound of The Straloch Rock!

This recording was made by children at a school in Scotland. First they thought about what sounds they might hear around their school. Some sounds they thought of were the school bell, the gate, traffic outside, the seesaw, chickens, a football and a cheeky boy! Which ones could you hear in the recording?

Can you think of some sounds you might hear around your school?

Next they went out and recorded these sounds, then came back to the classroom to put them all together to make a piece of music. Can you hear how they have cut up the sounds to make a beat? The artist that the children worked with is interested in using everyday sounds to make music. Can you remember any other minutes that used objects this way? Perhaps this is something you could try in your classroom.

This recording might also remind you of a minute from last week; the St Abbs Sonic Postcard. What was different about the two pieces?

Make your own music using everyday sounds

You can make sounds like this of your own, using resources from the Minute of Listening website!