The 2012 pilot for Minute of Listening couldn’t be delivered without the ongoing support and collaboration of local delivery partners in each of the regions where the pilot is taking place. These partners include:

Lambeth CLC‘s aim is to inspire children, young people, parents, carers, and school staff to learn in new ways through arts, culture and the use of innovative technology. Lambeth CLC supports all schools in the Local Authority in arts and culture, technology and family learning activities. They offer workshops and projects, train school staff, broker partnerships with specialists and offer ideas, information, advice and guidance in each of the three areas.

Enfield Arts Support Service (EASS) is Enfield Council’s music service.  The service provides a range of high quality and affordable music making opportunities to approximately 12,600 children, young people and adults who either live or go to school in Enfield, which are fully inclusive irrespective of background and ability.


Westminster Music Service aims to ensure that as many pupils as possible are able to continue to learn a musical instrument or to sing beyond their first whole class instrumental provision. Pupils are offered the opportunity to learn a wide range of instruments, in school, during and beyond the school day.


Music Cornwall is the organisation which supports Music Education and provides instrumental and vocal tuition to the majority of schools in Cornwall, as well as running highly regarded orchestras, choirs and ensembles.


Oxford Contemporary Music aims to promote high quality new music for a wide range of local and national audiences by staging and promoting performances, commissioning new work, and by deepening understanding and appreciation of musical cultures from within the UK                                               and worldwide.


Thank you!

We would also like to thank all the collections, museums, archives, record labels and individual artists who have enthusiastically contributed their recordings to the Minute of Listening pilot in 2012.

Special thanks goes to:

The Pitt Rivers Museum - British Library Wildlife Sounds Archive - Topic Records – Touch - Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival - The Philharmonia Orchestra

We would also like to thank:

Duncan Chapman - Charlie Barker - Robert Jarvis - Matthew Herbert - Accidental Records - Joseph Young - Arran Poole - Ian Rawes & London Sound Survey – Mick Grierson & The Daphne Oram Trust – BJ Cole - Antye Greie - Helena Gough - Louis Sarno - Chihei Hatakeyama - Noel Lobley - Cheryl Tipp - Katie English – Hugh Nankivell - Nick Franglen - James Saunders – Another Timbre - Smithsonian Folkways - Mikhail Iliatov - Rhodri Marsden - Lucky Dragons - Osvaldo Coluccino - Jim Haynes, RK Faulhaber, MS Waldron, Steven Stapleton & Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson - The Helen Scarsdale Agency - Chris Watson - Marcus Davidson - Mike Harding - Scanner - Aleks Kolkowski - Pippa Murphy & P6 classes from Coldingham & Eyemouth Primary Schools - Philip Jeck - Octopus Collective & Full of Noises Festival - Barney Strachan - Lee Patterson - Tujiko Noriko, Lawrence English & John Chantler - British Library Sound Archive, Drama & Literature