To celebrate International Women’s Day on 8th March 2018, we have curated a special collection of minutes as part of Sound and Music’s month-long activities to mark the day.

Whilst we all know that boys and girls are equally talented musicians, if you ask a child to draw a picture of what a composer looks like, they will inevitably draw a white, older man (often with a moustache!). This Minute of Listening collection shows us that there are lots of positive female role models for aspiring composers and musicians, and that everyone can create an extraordinary range of music, art and sounds!

We reached out to some of the composers in this collection to hear their thoughts about being featured.

Judith Weir, composer, Master of the Queen’s Music and Sound and Music’s patron says:

“I am delighted to be included in the International Women’s Day Minute of Listening collection.  There are around a hundred people playing musical instruments in my minute – sometimes it’s very loud!  My music is describing the moments just before heavy rain falls during the monsoon in India and Bangladesh.”

And Anna Meredith, composer, producer and performer says:

“I’m really happy that Axeman is being included in this Minute of Listening collection to celebrate International Women’s Day! 

I’m really passionate about girls and young women seeing older female instrumentalists and composers – playing a real range of instruments and writing exciting music, so hope this piece might inspire you to pick up a bassoon or a guitar or even try writing something yourself.”

Visit the collection!