International Distribution

Using Minute of Listening internationally 

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Minute of Listening develops reflective, creative listening, as well as broader social, communication and thinking skills. As such, it is a tool for creative learning as well as a music education resource.

Minute of Listening

Different ‘Sound packs’ are available – different collections of 60 individual minutes, enough for a school term. We currently have a total of 3 Sound packs - enough for a whole school year.

Sound and Music are seeking international distribution partners to whom we can grant exclusive licences to distribute the software to schools within specified regions, countries or territories. This is because we don't have licences in place to distribute the music contained within Minute of Listening internationally.

Become a distributor

How does it work?

We will discuss with you what territory you cover, how many schools you want to reach and on what basis. Based on that information we will agree a contract including a licensing fee which will cover your use of the application for an agreed period (normally one year). 

If a translated version is needed then we will work with you to prepare it.

An essential part of the agreement will be that the international partner sets up licences with the appropriate rights collecting agencies for the music included in Minute of Listening (see below).

Minute of Listening is best distributed via USBs.  Once we have signed off all aspects of the contract with you, you will be free to distribute it to schools in your territory for the agreed period of the licence.

We’d like to keep in touch about reactions to the project and any broader research that may be carried out about children’s musical learning.


Sound and Music has the exclusive right to licence the software application for use or distribution.

However, you will need to clear the musical rights contained within the 60 individual minutes of each Sound pack directly with your local collecting societies for performing, mechanical and phonographic rights.

If you do not already know who these are, you can find out via their umbrella organisations CISAC and IFPI.

You should be able to obtain from your local societies a simple blanket licence that grants you permission to make the 60 individual minutes contained in each Sound Pack available to schools (either for free or a not for profit basis). In the UK, we cleared this directly with PRS for Music using their off-the-shelf Limited Music Online Licence. With PPL, we agreed a simple licence via letter (copy available on request). With both, we have to pay a small annual fee. Your local collecting societies should be able to offer a similar, low cost blanket licence arrangement and the nature of this will depend on the local organisation, how they work, and your organisation’s relationship with them.

If you are making your own sound collections, you should note that the largest record labels increasingly retain rights (rather than have them handled by a collecting society). For this reason, our Sound packs do not include recordings from the major labels and it may be that you follow this course of action also.

Technical support 

We offer you technical support for the period of the licence (normally one year) so that if there are any problems we can assist you. We commit to ensuring that you have a fully functional, working copy of the application for the period of the licence. What we cannot do is then address any technical issues that may arise when you distribute the application in your area; if a school in your country is experiencing some technical difficulties, then it is a problem best addressed locally.

Supporting materials 

The website contains a wealth of free resources including teacher packs and other guidelines and suggestions. If you would like to create your own, or have any of these translated, then please get in touch.


There is scope within the application to include branding of any sponsors that you may bring on board in connection with the project. The terms of our licence are that any potential sponsorship needs to be cleared with us in advance; this is to ensure brand alignment and avoid any potential confusion.

Please get in touch to discuss any aspect of distributing Minute of Listening in your school, country or territory.