How to use


Once you have bought Minute of Listening, we have lots of tips and suggestions for ways in which you can use the collections in your school. See our resources and ideas pages!

Minute of Listening

Getting started 

To use Minute of Listening, you will need to have a few things in place in your classroom.

  • A computer or laptop;
  • Smartboard or interactive whiteboard (ideal, although not essential);
  • Working speakers set to an appropriate volume (the higher quality the better);
  • An internet connection (optional: to access the links in the information sections and to send us your feedback).
When your UBS arrives, put it in the USB slot on your computer and open the USB folder.  You will see this:

We’ve found it works best if you use Minute of Listening straight from the USB rather than copying to your desktop.

So to launch Minute of Listening, go into the ‘Application’ folder and just double click on the Minute of Listening icon (highlighted in the image below).

The Minute of Listening licence is for the whole school, so you have permission to make copies for each teacher in the school who wishes to use it. 

We recommend that you copy Minute of Listening onto additional USBs as we have found it works more smoothly this way; Sound and Music can only supply 1 USB per licence. 

You may also wish to make a backup copy, just in case you lose the original USB!


When you buy Minute of Listening you enter into a one year licencing agreement, this means at the end of one year you will need to renew your licence with us. 

Your licence will begin one month after purchase. 

Our team will contact you ahead of your expiry date to remind you to renew your licence.