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Minute of Listening is going online!

We are in the middle of developping a brand new platform for Minute of Listening.

Soon you will be able to browse 180 sounds under one roof and take your classroom on a sonic journey, expanding musical horizons as well getting creative juices flowing. You can still buy Minute of Listening in the meantime though - we will just send you the programme on a USB and email you in the Autumn to set you your account on the brand new site!

See how it works

Watch our demo video to get a better idea of how the software works:


Please note:
 When you buy Minute of Listening you enter into a one year licencing agreement, this means at the end of one year you will need to renew your licence with us. 

Your licence will begin one month after purchase and a member of our team will contact you ahead of your expiry date to remind you to renew your licence. 

If you have any questions about Minute of Listening please contact us: