How much is Minute of Listening?

At present, Minute of Listening is a single purchase of £50 per pack, or a full year for £100. You can pay online via Paypal or you can request an invoice from Sound and Music. Once you have paid, we will send Minute of Listening to you on a USB. 

Is there a subscription?

When you purchase Minute of Listening, you are buying a licence to use it for a year. We will contact you after that year is over to ask you to renew the licence.  There is information in the Terms and Conditions that explain what you should do if you do not wish to renew.

Is there a demo or training copy available?

Below is a video tutorial for Minute of Listening that provides an overview of the resource, and that will walk through one minute and explain the features below. 

We would be very happy to work with schools, music education hubs and other groups to provide bespoke training to ensure that you make the most out of Minute of Listening, please contact us at education@soundandmusic.org for more details!


Is it possible to obtain Minute of Listening at a discount?

Discount codes are available for Minute of Listening on a case-by-case basis, normally when a partner is working with multiple schools. Discount codes are added towards the end of the Paypal checkout process. For more information or to discuss further contact: education@soundandmusic.org

Is Minute of Listening available for use abroad?

Sound and Music is only licenced to sell Minute of Listening to schools in the UK.  This is because of the agreements we have made with the many composers, musicians and partners who have helped to provide the fantastic content. 

We are keen to work with international distribution partners in different countries and regions who will make the application available to schools in their area.

If you are interested in securing a license for its use in your country, please get in touch. More information about being a distribution partner is available here

What platforms is Minute of Listening available for?

Minute of Listening has versions for both Windows and Mac operating systems as well as compatible devices such as interactive whiteboards. It is not presently available for iPad or tablets.